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Cure for worried parents

A invention that I really like is one of those gps bracelet. I think that it may be the solution to worried parents. If my kids wore those bracelets everyday I would never need to worry about where they are or if they'll come home again. If I get a bit worried I just look up their location on the internet through the bracelet. That way I can always know where my kids are. It's a really great little thing that bracelet. So I can really recommend you getting one if you're worried about your children.

Food effect

Two weeks ago my husband went out for dinner with a couple of colleagues. They went to what was announced as the best chinese restaurant stockholm has. I wonder if that title is correct, because the next day his stomach was aching and he went the bathroom over a dozen times. He said the food tasted great and he also had a few drinks with it, but as said the side effects became visible the next day. Weird thing is that his colleagues didn't have this, so it may also have been something else. I guess we will never know ...

We had some rest

We are just back home from some days in Hamburg. We had a great time. This city is great and we have seen a lot. We walked everything but the kids made it. When we came at the hotel the kids were very tired and it was great that the hotel had video on demand. We choose a video they like and they could take some rest before dinner started. At this way we could read a book and give our feet some rest too because Hamburg is a big city and our feet saw everything. Video on demand is ...